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2023 AGM – 15 November 2023

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Our 2023 Annual General Meeting will be held at Mansfield Bowls Club on 15 November 2023

Come along to hear what the MDBA have achieved this year and to join in some bare foot bowls and refreshments.

Please  advise of your attendance by clicking the below button and ordering a ticket to the event.

2023 AGM Ticket Booking

MDBA present Dean Vickerman

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The Mansfield and District Business Association are proud to welcome Dean Vickerman to Mansfield to speak to our members and guests.

Dean is currently the head coach of Melbourne United in the NBL and has a long history with top level basketball in this country.

This is a brilliant opportunity to hear from an experienced coach and mentor who is at the top of his game in sport and business and to find out what it takes to get to and stay at the top.

Come along to enjoy the invaluable opportunity to hear from Dean and to network with other like-minded business owners in our community.


Mansfield Football Clubrooms

5:30 – 7:30 November 11 2022

Members Free

Non-members $5

Finger food and BBQ provided. Drinks at bar prices.

Places are limited, book now using the following link

MDBA Business Wellbeing Program

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Welcome to the MDBA PERMAH Wellbeing Program.
We are excited to announce the upcoming PERMAH Wellbeing Program which will take place over 3 weeks in August and provide members and their team with over 16 FREE healthy activity sessions and 200+ opportunities to participate in and assist individual wellbeing.  These sessions will be provided by our local business operators and aim to assist you to enhance your own wellbeing healthy habits.  The healthy habit activities cover the following areas, nutrition, yoga, walks, boxing, crossfit, pilates, spin & step classes from middle August to Saturday 3rd September.   This program provides over $300 in member benefits.

This activity is supported by the Victorian Government, who funded the recent mental wellbeing training undertaken by the MDBA and the program we have develop for our member businesses and their team.  We bring this PERMAH Wellbeing Program of healthy habits to encourage some fun within our business community.  We all know running a business is not without its challenges and a few moments of fun with your fellow business community members will help in a better practice of wellbeing.

We aim to engage with you or your team members as part of our united business community to participate with others in one small thing at a time or all sessions, should you wish.  These Tiny activities are mighty steps to a better state of mental well-being.  The PERMAH Wellbeing Program provides over $300 in value for members and we look forward to seeing strong participation across the events.  Further details will be available shortly via the MDBA website along, our newsletters and social media posts.  What does PERMAH stand for?

  • P for Positive Emotions
  • E for Engagement
  • R for Relationships
  • M for Meaning
  • A for Achievement
  • H for Health

Come along and join in some fun activities and learn more about PERMAH and the benefits healthy wellbeing has to individual and business performance.  Receive a FREE Business Wellbeing kit.

Here, you will find tips, videos and information on a range of topics to enhance and assist your wellbeing and mental health.


MDBA PERMAH Wellbeing Program Overview

We have developed the PERMAH Wellbeing Program and all related content is provided free:

16 healthy activity workshop with 200+ individual opportunities to participate in wellbeing activity.  These healthy habit activities cover the areas of nutrition, yoga, walks, boxing, crossfit, pilates, spin & step classes.

  • FREE Business Wellbeing kit for session participates
  • Mental health and wellbeing support services listing and contact details.
  • Links and access to financial counselling to help manage debt and other financial issues.
  • Business advice & mentoring to help address challenges and find opportunities within your business.

How to look after yourself when you’re stressed

By business wellbeing

There are simple, evidence-based steps you can take that help you when you experience stress.

We know that investing time in ourselves helps us manage stress. When we manage stress, we feel better and stay mentally and physically healthier. These wellbeing activities are a necessary part of our schedules rather than a luxury.

You can try the self-care plan from This Way Up. You can also include some of these tips for the next week:

  • exercising regularly, even for short periods a few times a week
  • finding time to do positive things for yourself that you enjoy
  • spending time with friends or family, particularly the people you find most supportive
  • eating well
  • having a good sleep routine
  • taking breaks during the workday that also involve some time away from technology
  • trying short but regular deep breathing and/or brief mindfulness exercises
  • looking at a variety of health and wellbeing tools and apps put together by to help meet your personal needs
  • making a list to prioritise your tasks for the day
  • scheduling certain tasks for times of the day when you focus best
  • setting some boundaries around your time at work and sharing the workload where you can
  • being kind to yourself – you are doing your best in a difficult situation (we are often more critical of ourselves than anyone else)

Mansfield Lantern Festival

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Mansfield Lantern Festival was a great success on Saturday 18th June with over 700 people attending and a significant volume of visitors to the region enjoying the evening activities and entertainment on show.  A variety of Food Vans and a series of local businesses enjoying strong trade including Ros Ritchie Wines and Mansfield Produce Store to name a couple.  Many locals enjoyed the night out as family and catching up in the friendly festival. Well done to Alli Walker from Walker Events and everyone who warmly supported the event.

TRAINING: Taking Your Business Online | 2 Aug

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Tue 2 Aug 2022


The topics covered include:
• Ecommerce: Investigating the different ways your business can sell online
• Business Processes Automation: Automating business processes to increase efficiencies
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
• Systems Mechanisms of online marketing
• Digital disruption and the impact to your business

Session times

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM


TRAINING: Maximising Your Marketing | 4 Aug

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Thu 4 Aug 2022


Marketing is a vital tool to establish your brand and build a loyal customer base. Without it your customers will struggle to find you or even know what your business does.

Find out what it takes to make your business stand out from the crowd at this interactive two-hour workshop that will show you how to build your own marketing strategy from the ground up.

Let your next steps be guided by an experienced marketing professional with practical know-how to share that will show you how to get it right and make the most out of your marketing spend.

Learn how to set marketing goals that work, get to know your customers better, clarify your Unique Selling Proposition and choose the right marketing activities to match your business.

Covering market research, online, social media and customer service, this webinar will arm you with practical tools and templates, expert tips and advice, where to access the right support and adapt to current circumstances.

Fast track your marketing success at this Business Victoria webinar, one of many that have helped small businesses in Victoria for more than 10 years.

Learn how to:
• Set marketing goals that work
• Choose the right activities for your business
• Use market research and maximise customer service
• Make the most of marketing processes and systems
• Develop an effective marketing action plan
• Attract and keep customers coming back
• Get your business noticed
• Maximise social media.

PLEASE NOTE: This webinar is only available for Victorian small businesses and residents

Session times

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


Housing Supply & Affordability

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The attached Regional Australia Building papers discuss the factors of housing supply shortages and affordability issues being face in regional Australia.  Mansfield is specifically mentioned within the report and proposed solutions to these issues are highlighted for regions like Mansfield drawing on experiences from international regional locations and the actions governments can take to address these issues.