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How to look after yourself when you’re stressed

By July 21, 2022No Comments

There are simple, evidence-based steps you can take that help you when you experience stress.

We know that investing time in ourselves helps us manage stress. When we manage stress, we feel better and stay mentally and physically healthier. These wellbeing activities are a necessary part of our schedules rather than a luxury.

You can try the self-care plan from This Way Up. You can also include some of these tips for the next week:

  • exercising regularly, even for short periods a few times a week
  • finding time to do positive things for yourself that you enjoy
  • spending time with friends or family, particularly the people you find most supportive
  • eating well
  • having a good sleep routine
  • taking breaks during the workday that also involve some time away from technology
  • trying short but regular deep breathing and/or brief mindfulness exercises
  • looking at a variety of health and wellbeing tools and apps put together by to help meet your personal needs
  • making a list to prioritise your tasks for the day
  • scheduling certain tasks for times of the day when you focus best
  • setting some boundaries around your time at work and sharing the workload where you can
  • being kind to yourself – you are doing your best in a difficult situation (we are often more critical of ourselves than anyone else)